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Heavy Bleeding

Relief from heavy painful periods

If heavy, painful, crampy periods are wreaking havoc on your life every month, talk with Robert Gatlin, MD.
He is an experienced gynecologist with advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of this very treatable problem. After a thorough exam, discussion of your symptoms and any needed testing, he will educate you about the latest options available to correct your problem.  

Fast outpatient treatment stops heavy bleeding

Nevada Women's Care offers an extremely patient-friendly treatment for problem periods. It’ s called endometrial ablation, a procedure that safely removes the lining of the uterus without the need for hysterectomy. You should know that endometrial ablation is:

  • Done right in the office using mild sedation
  • Requires NO incisions
  • Allows most women to return to their normal activities within one or two days
  • Comfortable enough to be managed by over-the-counter pain relief
  • Highly effective at reducing heavy bleeding

Most women report that their periods are shorter and lighter after treatment. For some women, their periods  stop completely. Endometrial ablation is only right for women who are sure that they do not want to become pregnant in the future because it removes the lining of the uterus. Highly reliable birth control is also necessary for the rest of a woman’ s childbearing years. 

Stop feeling crampy and miserable every month. Get real relief at Nevada Women's Care.

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